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History of the Apollo 1 Tragedy

On   January 27, 1967, three men lost their lives in NASAs first disaster. It occurred on the ground as Virgil I. Gus Grissom  (the second American astronaut to fly into space),  Edward H. White II, (the first American astronaut to walk in space) and Roger B. Chaffee, (a rookie astronaut on his first space mission), were practicing for the first Apollo mission. At the time, since it was a ground test, the mission was called Apollo/Saturn 204. Ultimately, it would be called Apollo 1 and it was going to be an Earth-orbiting trip. Lift-off was scheduled for February 21, 1967, and would be the first of a series of trips to train astronauts for the moon landing slated for the late 1960s.   Mission Practice Day On January 27th, the astronauts were going through a procedure called a plugs-out test. Their Command Module was mounted on the Saturn 1B rocket on the launch pad just as it would have been during the actual launch. The rocket was unfueled but everything else was as close to reality as the team could make it. That days work was to be an entire countdown sequence from the moment the astronauts entered the capsule until the time that launch would have occurred. It seemed very straightforward, no risk to the astronauts, who were suited up and ready to go.   A Few Seconds of Tragedy Right after lunch, the crew entered the capsule to start the test. There were small problems from the beginning and finally, a communications failure caused a hold to be placed on the count at 5:40 p.m. At 6:31 p.m.  a voice (possibly Roger Chaffees) exclaimed, Fire, I smell fire! Two seconds later, Ed Whites voice came over the circuit, Fire in the cockpit. The final voice transmission was very garbled. They’re fighting a bad fire—let’s get out. Open ‘er up or, We’ve got a bad fire—let’s get out. We’re burning up or, I’m reporting a bad fire. I’m getting out.The transmission ended with a cry of pain.   The flames  spread quickly through the cabin. The last transmission ended 17 seconds after the start of the fire. All telemetry information was lost shortly after that. Emergency responders were dispatched quickly to help. The crew most likely perished within the first 30 seconds of smoke inhalation or burns. Resuscitation efforts were futile. A Cascade of Problems Attempts to get at the astronauts were stymied by a host of problems. First,  the capsule hatch was closed with clamps that required extensive ratcheting to release. Under the best of circumstances, it could take at least 90 seconds to open them. Since the hatch opened inward, pressure had to be vented before it could be opened. It was nearly five minutes after the start of the fire before rescuers could get into the cabin. By this time, the oxygen-rich atmosphere, which had seeped into the materials of the cabin, had ignited and spread flames throughout the capsule.   Apollo 1 Aftermath The disaster put a hold on the entire Apollo program. Investigators needed to probe the wreckage and figure out the causes of the fire. Although a specific point of ignition for the fire could not be determined, the investigation boards final report blamed the fire on electrical arcing among the wires hanging open in the cabin, which was filled with materials that burned easily. In the oxygen-enriched atmosphere, all it took was one spark to set off a fire. The astronauts couldnt escape through the locked hatches in time.   The lessons of the Apollo 1 fire were tough ones. NASA replaced cabin components with self-extinguishing materials. Pure oxygen (which is always a danger) was replaced by a nitrogen-oxygen mixture at launch. Finally, engineers re-designed the hatch to open outward and made it so that it could be removed quickly in the event of a problem. Honoring those Who Lost their Lives The mission was officially assigned the name Apollo 1 in honor of Grissom, White, and Chaffee. The first Saturn V launch (uncrewed) in November 1967 was designated Apollo 4 (no missions were ever designated Apollo 2 or 3).  Ã‚   Grissom and Chaffee were laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, and Ed White is buried at West Point at the US Military Academy where he studied. All three men are honored throughout the country, with their names on schools, military, and civilian museums and other structures.   Reminders of Danger The Apollo 1 fire was a stark reminder that space exploration is not an easy thing to do. Grissom himself once said that exploration was a risky business. If we die, we want people to accept it. We are in a risky business, and we hope that if anything happens to us, it will not delay the program. The conquest of space is worth the risk of life.   To minimize risks, astronauts and ground crews practice relentlessly, planning for almost any eventuality. as flight crews have done for decades. Apollo 1 wasnt the first time NASA had lost astronauts. In 1966, astronauts Elliott See and Charles Bassett were killed in a crash of their NASA jet crashed on a routine flight to St. Louis. In addition, the Soviet Union had lost cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov at the end of a mission earlier in 1967. But, the Apollo 1 catastrophe reminded everyone  again of the risks of flight.   Edited and updated by  Carolyn Collins Petersen.

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Macbeth, By William Shakespeare Essay - 1348 Words

Throughout the play Macbeth, written by William Shakespeare, there is a constant theme of questioning what quantifies a good leader and what qualifies someone to lead. These questions, however, are more easily posed than answered because they change immensely depending upon the individual responding. Some follow the school of thought that a king should be selected based on divine inheritance while others focus more holistically on a king who possesses good qualities that would make them a worthy ruler. In Macbeth there are not many examples of decent leadership that the reader can clearly grasp due to the political instability of the setting of the play: Scotland. King Duncan, while presented in a more favorable light than Macbeth, was no angelic being or exemplary ruler. On the other side of the sword, however, King Macbeth was presented as a bloody tyrant hell-bent on putting his wishes above the desires and needs of the people of Scotland. When presented with the few rulers that a re shown throughout the play, King Duncan was a better ruler with his mild temperament and placement of his country above self. While choosing what quantifies a respectable king is arduous, it is simple to see that Macbeth was not a good ruler. In fact, he was quite the opposite. Thus, based on contradicting Macbeth’s faults, a good ruler is the physical embodiment of God, maintains command over the nobles, and favors the interest of the country over their own. The notion of leaders ofShow MoreRelatedMacbeth by William Shakespeare770 Words   |  3 PagesThe play Macbeth is written by William Shakespeare. It is believed to be written between 1603 and 1607 and set in eleventh century Scotland. It is also believed to be first performed in 1606. It is considered to be one of the darkest and most powerful tragedies. Macbeth, set in Scotland, dramatizes the psychological and political effects produced when evil is chosen to fulfill the ambition of power. The Tragedy of Macbeth is Shakespeare’s shortest tragedy and tells the story of Macbeth, a ScottishRead MoreMacbeth, By William Shakespeare1425 Words   |  6 PagesMacbeth Just Can’t Wait To Be King Everyone has a quality that they do not like about themselves. Some people struggle to be social, others may be too controlling of people. The list goes on and on, but the point is that everybody has a particular quality that they must learn to control or else that particular quality can get out of hand. Of course, one could write a list of characters that have major flaws. There is no better example than William Shakespeare’s character, Macbeth, in The TragedyRead MoreMacbeth, By William Shakespeare1409 Words   |  6 Pages â€Å"Fair is foul, and foul is fair: Hover through the fog and filthy air.† On October 17th, I had the pleasure of going to see Macbeth performed at the Shakespeare Tavern. Along with its reputation for being â€Å"cursed,† Macbeth is also known as one of the crown jewels of William Shakespeare’s repertoire. In my opinion, the central concept of this particular retelling of the play was the murkiness of character. Throughout the pla y, the many characters go through fierce temptation and strife, and noneRead MoreMacbeth, By William Shakespeare1203 Words   |  5 PagesMacbeth is a play based on King James I, it was written by William Shakespeare, however this play isn’t a king and queen fairy tale, but it’s a play about greed and guilt, chaos and murder and three evil witches who use prophecies to influence Macbeth to do bad things, using flattery would instigate his inner ambition to become king, which in the end doesn’t lead to a very happy ending. Shakespeare’s, Macbeth, was written in the early Jacobean period. During those times, women had no power, theyRead MoreMacbeth, By William Shakespeare1243 Words   |  5 PagesIn William Shakespeare’s â€Å"Macbeth†, the author portrays the main character Macbeth as a very tortured and flawed individual whose actions only serve to further unravel him. He is conflicted and power hungry, which drives him to perform evil murders and become a ruthless person. Macbeth’s moral compass is not resilient enough to withstand his wife’s manipulations and he is provoked to act on his malicious thoughts of murder. The author explores the terrible effects that ambition and guilt can haveRead MoreMacbeth, By William Shakespeare Essay1487 Words   |  6 Pagesreaction†. Macbeth by William Shakespeare is a tale which illuminates the consequences of violating the â€Å"Natural order†, the hierarchy of beings in the universe. When Macbeth, a warrior wel l-known for his courage and bravery, murders King Duncan acting on his unchecked ambition to claim the throne, the order was disrupted, the result†¦chaos. Shakespeare uses symbolism to illustrate the atmosphere of the play as the natural order is flung into a state of turmoil. These techniques used by Shakespeare is usedRead MoreMacbeth, By William Shakespeare1483 Words   |  6 Pagesdifferent references in the play of how a king deals with power and if they use it for better or for their own personal gain. In the play Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, Macbeth’s obsession with his journey to power leads to his failure. This obsession is demonstrated through the prophecies, the murder of his best friend Banquo, and his own demise. Macbeth demonstrates that he is incapable of mastering the power and responsibilities of being a king. This is indicated throughout the play with theRead MoreMacbeth, By William Shakespeare1045 Words   |  5 PagesBlood appears in only two forms, but many times in Macbeth by William Shakespeare; between the war scene at the beginning of the play and the lifting of Macbeth’s severed being lifted by Macduff at the end. It can be said that Macbeth could have been written in blood that there is such a large amount. What is unique about blood in Macbeth is that the â€Å"imaginary blood† or the guilt that the murderer feels plays more of a role of understand and amplifying the theme of the play, that blood is guiltRead MoreMacbeth, By William Shakespeare1431 Words   |  6 Pages Macbeth, though originally a valiant and prudent soldier, deteriorates into an unwise king whose rash decisions conclusively end in the atrophy of his title, power, and position. Several facto rs contribute to the downfall of Macbeth, which produce a contagion effect and ultimately end with his demise. He receives help from his â€Å"inner ambitions and external urgings† which result in his downfall (Bernad 49). The â€Å"external urgings† consist of the weird sisters who disclose his prophecies, which enlightenRead MoreMacbeth, By William Shakespeare2060 Words   |  9 Pagesthe green one red Macbeth Quote (Act II, Sc. II). Out, out, brief candle! Life s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Macbeth Quote (Act V, Scene V). These quotes have been taken from play Macbeth written by William Shakespeare. Like these quotes there are hundreds and thousands of such heart touching quotes written by Shakespeare in his many different

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Gender Stereotyping Standards For Men And Women Across...

Gender stereotyping sets standards for men and women across America, this being true for the past few hundred years. It is not secret that women are said to be most useful in the kitchen, and that men are to be found somewhere doing hard work, being the bread winner. Also, in the way we allow our young children to be identified; blue means it’s a boy, pink means it’s a girl. As times change, so does society and its mentality as a whole. Some stereotypes have been more difficult to break than others, those stereotypes are still present today. It is not fair that women are found limited in the work place and men are becoming so protective of their masculinity. Gender stereotyping is a problem in America today because it creates gender-bias boundaries and early gender schema development, but these relevant struggles have led to recent accomplishments, especially in the media, through highlighting genders as equally capable of any job. In today s society, we find most of the gender stereotypes through media. Whether it is music, movies or televisions shows, children and young people are constantly being introduced to a lifestyle that has been statistically decreasing for decades. Written in the fall of 2015, three authors write, â€Å"Gender role stereotyping is prominent in media and advertisements wherein companies rely on socially prescribed expectations to sell their products (Infanger, Bosak, Sczesny, 2011).† In the article, â€Å"It’s Just a Joke: Reactions and Justifications ForShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Ellen Ullman s A Strong Passionate Woman 1165 Words   |  5 Pagesthe stars. Defying the social standard, she immerses herself into the male-dominated career of computer programming where she immediately runs straight into a barrier separating her from the path to contentment and success in the workplace. Unlike many women, Ullman found a way to shatter the glass ceiling and rise above, b ut she cannot discover how to end sexism for all other women across the nation. America is said to be the land of equal-opportunity, but working women are still experiencing greatRead MoreThe Decline Of Rural America1292 Words   |  6 Pages In Hollowing Out the Middle by Carr and Kefalas, the discussion regarding the decline of rural America is brought to the forefront. This decline is not usually discussed due to the inane ability of society to deem it relevant; the decrease in rural communities is causing a devastating effect on the socioeconomic stability of America. Carr and Kefalas move to a small, rural community in eastern Iowa they name Ellis, to evaluate the cause of this decline and attempt to create a solution. ThroughRead MoreGender Stereotyping Of Sports Media1743 Words   |  7 PagesGender stereotyping in sports media is something we see everyday in magazines and on TV. Since sports were invented, males have dominated one of Canada’s largest pastimes. Reasons for this being physicality and strength, but as time progressed women began to become more involved in the culture of sport. Today there is almost an equal amount of women participating in sports as man, yet women are still not being represented with the same approach as men. About a month ago I found a video onlineRead MoreGender Is An Institutionalized System Of Social Practices Essay1537 Words   |  7 Pages Gender is more than just a trait of individuals. It is an institutionalized system of social practices for constituting males and females as different in socially significant ways and organizing inequality in terms of those differences. Widely shared gender stereotypes are in effect the â€Å"genetic code† of the gender system, since they constitute the cultural rules by which people perceive and enact gender differences and inequality. (Ridgeway, 2001) Gender is deeply entwined with socialRead MoreRole Of Women On The Sports Network1768 Words   |  8 Pagesunique. This directed me towards women, the difference of women on commercials in the sport network channels rather than feminine networks. I got this assumption from past experience; my mom is an avid food and HGTV network watcher, while I’m an avid watcher of ESPN. Specific questions were asked to create a foundation that correctly fit the direction intended for the project and its conclusions. In conclusion to the commercial experiment I found that the majority of women on the networks like ESPN haveRead MoreBlack Women And The Media1107 Words   |  5 Pagesthese phrases may be considered as compliments for black women even though they are not. However, people only know what the media portrays black women to be. It emphasizes them as ghetto, loud, angry, and ignorant. Black women are more than the negative stigma that the media portrays. In our society, the media reinforces the plag ue of African American women by stereotypes and falsities originating from slavery. For young African American women, the majority of media portrayal, especially in music andRead MoreFeminism Of Different Cultures : Women Without Liberation Essay1622 Words   |  7 PagesFeminism in Different Cultures: Women without Liberation Living in America, women’s rights are known as a sort of liberated revolution, whereas in other countries across the globe, the simplistic idea of self-importance in women is non-existent. For generations, harmful cultural practices have challenged feminist activists to conjure up a plan of action in the aid to help those women suffering in these countries. â€Å"In feminist legal studies, culture is often viewed as a deviation from the path ofRead MoreKellogg s A Cereal Company1221 Words   |  5 Pagesduster), returning the back hug with a smile. The picture also features a box of vitamins in the left lower corner, along with the couple’s conversation. The content of the image seems to discuss with an audience immersed in a traditional viewpoint of gender identity. The purpose of the ad is to promote Kellogg’s PEP vitamin infused cereal. The message conveys that the added vitamins will enhance the wife’s task performance. At the bottom of the page, the ad screams â€Å"Vitamins for pep! PEP for vitaminsRead MoreThe Glass Ceiling: A Human Capitalist Perspective Essay1435 Words   |  6 Pages The glass ceiling is an invisible barrier preventing women and minorities from advancing into upper management (Bell 67). Despite extensive legislation and the widespread implementation of equal opportunity policies, there is still widespread structural inequality and job segregation in organizations throughout the United States. The level of the `glass ceiling varies among organizations and is reflected in different employment patterns, hiring practices, and promotion plans (Adler 451). TheRead MoreThe Glass Ceiling : A Human Capitalist Perspective1687 Words   |  7 PagesThe Glass Ceiling: A Human Capitalist Perspective The glass ceiling is an invisible barrier preventing women and minorities from advancing into upper management (Bell 67). Despite extensive legislation and the widespread implementation of equal opportunity policies, there is still widespread structural inequality and job segregation in organizations throughout the United States. The level of the `glass ceiling varies among organizations and is reflected in different employment patterns, hiring

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Business Ethics Satisfaction Employees Recognition

Question: Discuss about the Business Ethics of Satisfaction Employees Recognition. Answer: 1. Framing changes our choice of action. As opined by Jepma and Lpez-Sol 2014, if we make choices examining the value based questions it will help us in ensuring a long-term success in our work life. People, who take decision guided by the profit making agenda, will obtain money. But the people who frame their decision on the ethical structure, obtain a better result as it include a broad range of profit variables like the value base of the work, the faith and satisfaction of the employees, recognition of the clients etc. Thus, the right framing can help us in our work life to achieve slow but sure success. 2. Once in my childhood, I faced such a situation. Once before my exam I was ill. I was hospitalised for a few days. It hampered my study and preparation for the exams. The night before my exams, I was terrified with the idea of failing in exam. Suddenly, I took the decision of cheating in exam. The following day I did the same. It occurred in my mind, that I was doing wrong, but I framed my decision in the different way. I thought, as I was ill I did not get the equal opportunity of preparation like others, and kept on cheating. Now, I know, that I should think about it in a different way. If I followed, my moral values I would not made this decision. In that situation, I should consider myself as someone who is obtaining an undue advantage over others by cheating. If I considered that situation in this Perspective, my decision would be something else. 3. As discussed by Rose 2013, framing is a popular instrument of the politicians and the advertisers. As mentioned in the attached video, the marketers try to hide the weaknesses of their product through framing. Modern advertisements the marketers often highlights the natural features of a product as its advantage and claims that their product is thus superior that others. On the other hand, the politicians often manipulate the numerical data to present a better of picture of their reign. These are not the wrong data but presented in a different manner for the profit of that political parties. 4. Adverse framing lead us towards a wrong choice. If I fail to look into the situation with its broader perspective and have lured by the short-term profits it will adversely affect my professional goals. The adverse framing can distort my foresight and restrict me to identify the future problems. In any profession, making ethically correct decision is a prerequisite for future advancements. Therefore, the adverse framing may damage the ethical base of our decision and thus restrict our potential of future growth. 5. To avoid ignoring of the ethical concerns, we must measure our decision on the benchmark of our inner values. As discussed by Saxena and Srinivasan 2013, if the values support the decision, then one can follow it. Narrow and short-term profit making ideas can manipulate our decision making process. Therefore, it is important for us to set a prior value base for our life. It will shape up our decision of career and life with a strong ethical base. Fundamental Attributions Error 1. As discussed by Paley 2015, most of the White-collar criminals are the people who are confident and well educated. I think he will be someone who does not consider himself as a criminal. Rather he will love to call himself a victim of the situation. 2. As opined by Berry and Frederickson 2015, it is most unlikely that a white-collar criminal possess a hard family life. They do not have any criminal attributes within themselves. They are the criminals who just have utilised the faults in our financial system. Their neighbours recognise them as well-educated gentle men, because that is their reality. Deep down their nature resides a criminal mentality. 3. I also possess the experience of being the victim of the situation. Within that circumstance, I was compelled to behave unethically. Previously, I was working in an organization in a decision making position. That time that organization was suffering with low revenue. In that situation, we got a clientele of a company, which was able to provide a substantial support. The managerial personnel were trying hard to get the contract. One day, that client reported that one of our employees has behaved badly with their manager. That employee was a woman. She reported me that the manager of our client company behaved with her indecently and she protested. Now our client wanted the resignation of that employee. In that circumstance, I made that employee lose her job to retain the job security of other employees, as this client was important for the survival of our company. I feel embarrassed of my behaviour until now. However, I was left with no choice then. 4. It is important for us not to jump on any decision. As discussed by Walker et al. 2015, while judging someone, it is needed to take due time to know about the situation and circumstances as well as the history of socialization of that person. Only then, an unbiased judgment can be procured. Fundamental Moral Unit: The philosophical and ethical theories intended to guide our decision-making process hold a collection of approaches (Sakwa 2013). Now, if we consider a single problem to solve with the different kind of approaches we may eventually obtain the same result. For example if we consider the issue of ever-growing population in the world, especially in the Asian and African countries, a number of approaches can be followed. Now, if the governments pass a regulation on the right of production of the people as the Chinese authority did earlier, it would hurt the philosophy of the individualism and the freedom of cultural identity of the people. On the other hand, the ignorance of the scenario will lead to the disrupt the philosophy of co-existence, as this global problem of increasing population is disturbing the natural resources and thus snatching the right of others to live a happy life. Nevertheless, if the question can be asked in a different approach, it can be noticed that all the philosophies lead to the same destination of individual as well as the community happiness (Sakwa 2013). Guided by the idea of co-existence and community happiness, if the government imposes a policy of wilful regulation on the production right of the people, the natural resources will be less hurt and the people can live a better life. On the other hand, if we consider the question success of the communist economic policy in the Soviet Union, we can be led to a different result by following the different ethical philosophies. As opined by Sakwa 2013, the fall of the communism in The Soviet Union cannot be discussed in a single tone. However, if we consider the philosophy of individualism we can find that it is the right of a person to be happy and accumulate the resources for his happiness. However, the idea of community happiness and co-existence explains that the accumulation of resources is harmful for the society as it creates discrimination and inequality among the people. Therefore, the communist economy suggests the equal allocation of the resources. In this regard, the individualistic approach argues that, as the individual faculty of people are not the same, it is wrong to allocate the resources equally among the population (Sakwa 2013). However, the philosophies advocating the community happiness, talks t hat everyone is same within the scale of the nature and hence possess the same right to obtain the equal portion of the minimal opportunities of life (Teulon, F., 2014). Thus, these different policies and approaches can lead people to the same or different decisions in a rage of situations. Incentive Gaming 1. Organizations and institutions use the incentive tool in order to motivate the employee and increase their productivity (Obloj and Zemsky 2015). No one likes giving extra effort in workplace that is why organization employs supervisors in order to monitor employees. According Soukup et al., 2015, based on the performance organization gives incentives or accolades to those whose work has impressed the authorities of an organization. I work under an organization and I receive payment based on the amount of work I do. Incentive planning is available in my organization and the people who achieve more than the target only they get incentives or bonus. Last month I was able to work more that my assigned target and that is why I got incentive. It was the first time when I was getting incentive; I was elated at my achievement and it really influenced me to work hard for my organization. Now I really want to work hard and perform better so that I can achieve accolades for my skills. 2. Grading system is the ethical part of education system. Students are bestowed with grades according to their performance level. Teacher asses the quality of the work of the student and grades them so that the student can understand his or her capability. Grade symbolizes the academic measurement through which a student is assessed. In order to get good grades student work hard for their assignments. However, sometimes students in greed of getting good grades diversify their route and undertake substandard paths so that they can fulfill their wish. A student cheats in his or her examination which effects badly and ruins the virtuous intension behind grading. Cheating is not the proper way to gain incentives or gain good grades. However, students are blinded by their aspiration of getting good marks and opt for easier way to achieve the goal. 3. Gaming is not ethical. In order to gain incentive one should work hard. Researchers have scrutinized this condition of human behavior and deduced that human nature feels compulsion to attain unethical ways in order to get incentives. Human nature works in curious ways and drives them to acquire unethical ways to succeed in their goal of achieving incentives. Human being inherits unethical ways in order to gain incentive but it is not the right way to respond to the system. Incentive is a tool that the company uses to provide accolades to the person who really deserves it (Ederer, Holden and Meyer 2013). The person who designs the incentive structure should stop the person who is exploiting the system. The person who designs the incentive scheme has the authority to stop all the unethical practice that corrupts an ethical system like incentive (Meyer, Ederer and Holden 2013). Behavioral ethics is the field of psychology that helps to understand the ways why people act in certain manners. Instrumentalism 1. Dan Ariel is a famous psychologist who scrutinizes human behavior. His research about human behavioral ethics involves the discrepancies that a human nature possesses. Dishonesty is a nuance that affects the psychology of a person and compels him to consider unethical paths in order to achieve the unachievable objectives (Minarcik and Bridges 2015). The psychologists say that dishonesty is a negative attribute in a person and abolishing that attribute at right is important. I completely agree with psychologist because dishonesty needs prevention. Termination of subordinate demeanor is needful, as it will assist a person to develop his personality and revitalize his character. 2. When I was in college, I once cheated in my exam in order to achieve the grade I desire. It was my sociology exam and I was not good in that subject. My sociology professor told me that he would cancel my name from the college band if I do not get A grade in the subject. I cheated and got the grade and got accolades for my good result. The professor was so happy with my outcome that he allotted my name in sociology essay contest that was taking place in the college campus. He said that he has full faith in me and knows that I will succeed. In this case, I was a victim of slippery slope phenomenon. 3. My friend started stealing money from his father. His greed increased day by day and soon he started stealing amount that was much more than the amount he stole at the first place. He realized that he was not doing the right thing but his greed overpowered his sense of conscientiousness. One day his father caught him red handed and thus he landed himself in a big trouble from where he could not return. His father lost his trust on him and he could not regain his position that he once had. 4. Cynthia Cooper has rightly commented that people do not become criminal in one day. I think she is right because it is a systematic process where a person slowly entangles himself into criminal offences. An individual starts with a crime and then slowly goes on repeating himself as he loses control on himself. Crime is a punishable offence that leads an individual towards the path of darkness (Volokh 2013). It is like a slippery slope where one wrong footing leads the person into a circular process where the individual cannot control himself but keeps on taking the same wrong step that he took earlier (Alves and Meadowcrof 2014). I completely agree with the statement of Cynthia Cooper and think that she has commendably assessed the situation of slippery slope phenomenon. 5. Firstly, a person should not precipitate in taking any decision. People should not target unachievable objectives. Unachievable objectives may drive a person to take unethical routes to reach their targets. Slippery slope is a procedure that deliberately drives a person to take road that is not desirable (Dowling, Knechel and Moroney 2015). There is a thin line between gaming and cheating which is not to be neglected. Gaming is acceptable but cheating is not as it lower the quotient of ethics in profession. References: Alves, A.A. and Meadowcroft, J., 2014. Hayek's slippery slope, the stability of the mixed economy and the dynamics of rent seeking.Political Studies,62(4), pp.843-861. Berry, Z. and Frederickson, J., 2015. Explanations and implications of the fundamental attribution error: A review and proposal.Journal of Integrated Social Sciences,5(1), pp.44-57. Dowling, C., Knechel, W.R. and Moroney, R., 2015. Public Oversight of Audit Firms: The Slippery-Slope of Enforcing Regulation.Available at SSRN 2678828. Ederer, F., Holden, R. and Meyer, M.A., 2013. DP9319 Gaming and Strategic Ambiguity in Incentive Provision. Jepma, M. and Lpez-Sol, M., 2014. Anxiety and framing effects on decision making: insights from neuroimaging.The Journal of Neuroscience,34(10), pp.3455-3456. Meyer, M., Ederer, F. and Holden, R., 2013.Gaming and Strategic Ambiguity in Incentive Provision(No. 640). Minarcik, J. and Bridges, A.J., 2015. Psychology graduate students weigh in: Qualitative analysis of academic dishonesty and suggestion prevention strategies.Journal of Academic Ethics,13(2), pp.197-216. Niebuhr, R., 2013.Moral man and immoral society: A study in ethics and politics. Westminster John Knox Press. Obloj, T. and Zemsky, P., 2015. Value creation and value capture under moral hazard: Exploring the microà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ foundations of buyersupplier relationships.Strategic Management Journal,36(8), pp.1146-1163. Paley, J., 2015. Compassion and the fundamental attribution error: A reply to Rolfe Gardner.Nurse education today,35(3), pp.474-479. Rose, K.H., 2013. Framing Decisions: Decision Making That Accounts for Irrationality, People, and Constraints.Project Management Journal,44(4), pp.e4-e4. Sakwa, R., 2013. The Soviet collapse: Contradictions and neo-modernisation.Journal of Eurasian Studies,4(1), pp.65-77. Saxena, R. and Srinivasan, A., 2013. Decision Framing: Defining the Decision Need. InBusiness Analytics(pp. 19-29). Springer New York. Soukup, T.E., George, J. and Sutherland, S., Konami Gaming, Inc., 2015.System and method for awarding an incentive award. U.S. Patent 8,956,219. Teulon, F., 2014.Ethics, moral philosophy and Economics(No. 2014-288). Volokh, E., 2013. Slippery Slope Arguments.The International Encyclopedia of Ethics. Walker, D.E., Smith, K.A. and Vul, E., 2015. The Fundamental Attribution Error is rational in an uncertain world. InProceedings of the 37th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, Austin, TX.

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Bbqgardens in baltimore, md Essay Example

Bbqgardens in baltimore, md Essay Example Bbqgardens in baltimore, md Essay Bbqgardens in baltimore, md Essay BBQGardens in Baltimore, MD Which are the Gorgeous BBQ Garden Restaurants of Baltimore, MD? The BBQ garden eating topographic point ofBaltimore, MD bistros is so nice, first-class and comparatively attractive. The BBQ garden eating houses employees are really experient and affable. BBQ Gardens list is as follows: Milton s grill Applebee s vicinity grill Large Bad Wolf s house of barbecue Outback Steakhouse Barbara elan of psyche For more information on Baltimore, MD BBQ garden eating houses explore the undermentioned nexus. You can detect the list of elegant BBQ garden eating houses in the nexus below. hypertext transfer protocol: // hypertext transfer protocol: // % 20Restaurants Which are the Best BBQ Gardens Restaurants in Baltimore, MD? If you are in hunt for a best BBQ garden eating house in business district Baltimore, MD you can travel through the list mentioned below for unbelievable BBQ that offer garden installation. Chili s grill A ; saloon Rub Bar Bq JD s meat house saloon A ; grill hypertext transfer protocol: // hypertext transfer protocol: // These below mentioned BBQ gardens offers glorious barbecue culinary arts. Dotson s barbecue B A ; B Southern barbecue Bbq barbecue catering Punk s backyard grill For more inside informations on these above mentioned BBQ gardens you can snap on following nexus: hypertext transfer protocol: // order=best A ; radius=20 How to Locate Discounted BBQ Garden Restaurant in Baltimore, MD that Provide Appetizing Food for Travelers? You can seek online and happen the topmost discounted garden eating house that provides you tasty culinary art. hypertext transfer protocol: // First you collect the Baltimore, MD eating houses list that provide BBQ garden installation Expression at the anterior guest reappraisal among the top class and discover about the cost and service of the eating house. Explore the user evaluations and reappraisals of garden eating houses Baltimore, MD and choose the best 1s You can besides seek online for price reductions trades provided by assorted gorgeous BBQ garden eating houses of Baltimore, MD. Some of the gorgeous BBQ gardens that offer price reduction trades are: Chewy s on Charles Pig Picker s Bar-B-Que Cameo Caterers B A ; B Southern barbecue hypertext transfer protocol: // What are the Exhilarating Features of BBQ Garden Restaurant in Baltimore, MD? Know some characteristics about BBQ garden eating houses in Baltimore, MD: Insides of the Milton s grill garden in Baltimore, MD are implausible with good atmosphere. You can happen all size party tabular arraies in this eating house and even knock about installations. You can happen large screen telecasting and unrecorded sound amusement in B A ; B Southern Barbeque eating house. Dishware used for functioning intent is hygienic and look attractive. B A ; B Southern Barbeque restaurant staff members are skilled and polite in providing the order. You can besides happen broad nutrient assortment that besides provided for sensible monetary values in this B A ; B Southern Barbeque Baltimore, MD garden eating houses. hypertext transfer protocol: // What Cuisine Varieties You Can Find in Baltimore, MD BBQ Garden Restaurant? Explore culinary art provided by one the most first-class BBQ garden eating house in Baltimore, MD: American Wings A ; Pizza garden eating house in Baltimore, MD provides invitees nutrient materials such as soups, fresh salads, and staff of lifes. You can besides happen pasta, pizza, yoghurt, and fresh fruit juice, and ice pick, soda-fountain with java, milk and fruit drinks. hypertext transfer protocol: // Adam s the Place for Ribs supplies a drink as complimentary and besides takes pleasance in the first-class nutrient gustatory sensation. Many of the garden eating houses in Baltimore, MD offer tourists 50 different scopes of nutrient materials like starting motors, soups, side dishes and chief points. Check out the nexus below for farther inside informations. hypertext transfer protocol: // hypertext transfer protocol: // Which Are The Exhilarating Eating Places Of Baltimore, MD That Have BBQ Garden Restaurants? You can detect BBQ garden restaurants in all countries of Baltimore, MD. BBQ Garden eating houses are situated in assorted attraction musca volitanss of Baltimore, MD that include: Maryland menagerie Oriole park Baltimore duck Baltimore maritime museum Harbor Place Aquariums Museum and theatres Promenades Maryland scientific discipline museum Planetarium BG Bar Bq, Beefalo s Bob, Baltimore Best Bar-B-Que and Angie s Barbeque A ; soul nutrient etc are some of the BBQ garden eating houses that are situated near to the above mentioned Baltimore, MD attractive force musca volitanss. If you plan to see some attractive force musca volitanss in Baltimore, MD so you can research your full twenty-four hours repast in Baltimore, MD BBQ garden eating houses. hypertext transfer protocol: // hypertext transfer protocol: // near baltimore-md What are the Facilities provided by the Baltimore, MDPig Picker s Bar-B-Que Garden Restaurant? Baltimore, MD Pig Picker s Bar-B-Que is one of the best celebrated traditional eating houses which provide their visitants with tasty cuisines.ThePig Picker s Bar-B-Quehas been a family of barbecue for about twenty old ages in Baltimore, MD. With the new add-on of psyche nutrient to the bill of fare this carry out eating house has some of the best nutrient in town. The best psyche nutrient particular in Pig Picker s Bar-B-Queis the Rib A ; runt. Exciting environment characteristics of this Pig Picker s Bar-B-Quegarden eating house in Detroit, MI include beautiful garden, out-of-door terrace, or an enclosed agreement like arbor or summerhouse. Tables, chairs, and interior design of this Pig Picker s Bar-B-Quegarden eating house aremade up of stuffs such as eucalyptus, cheery, wicker and cedar This BBQ garden eating houses are blissful to take you by agencies of tasty and delightful culinary art To cognize more about this Pig Picker s Bar-B-Quegarden in Baltimore, MD please visit the below nexus: hypertext transfer protocol: // What are the Food Items Provided in these BBQ Garden Restaurant of Baltimore, MD? When you are in BBQ Garden Restaurant of Baltimore, MD you may desire to cognize about the mouthwatering bill of fare of the twenty-four hours: Buffalo wild wings grill A ; bar garden eating house bill of fare include Double-basted Baby Back Ribs, Steak Fajitas and Red-beef Chili and deep-fried onions. For farther inside informations visit the below nexus: hypertext transfer protocol: // Capital Grille garden offers assortments of soups such as Burnt terminal soup, Soup A ; half sandwich, tampered ruddy chili s etc For more inside informations on this particular soup bill of fare in Capital Grille garden cheque out the given below nexus: hypertext transfer protocol: // Kumari Indian eating house in Baltimore, MD offers appetisers such as Bombay Bhel, Chat Papadi, Chicken Pakora, Chicken MoMo Steamed or Fried, Meat Samosa, Nepali Khaja, Paneer Pakora, Tandoori Shrimp, Vegetarian Assorted Platter, Non-Vegetarian Assorted Platter etc. For more inside informations visit the nexus: hypertext transfer protocol: // To cognize more about the nutrient points in other BBQ garden eating houses in Baltimore, MD you can utilize the undermentioned web nexus: hypertext transfer protocol: //

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Deck the Halls

Deck the Halls Deck the Halls Deck the Halls By Maeve Maddox Many of the traditional Christmas songs in English contain words or references that have changed in meaning or fallen out of common use. The familiar Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly (words from 1881), has several words that may stump native and non-native speakers alike. Deck in the title is a verb meaning adorn. It entered the language in about 1570; from Middle Dutch dekken to cover. Don we now our gay apparel The verb don, meaning put on, is a 14th century contraction of do on. Ex. Do on your shoes. The word doff, take off is a contraction of do off. Doff your hat in the house. Gay entered the language in the 12th century with the meaning full of joy or mirth. According the the Online Etymology Dictionary, The word gay in the 1890s had an overall tinge of promiscuity a gay house was a brothel. The suggestion of immorality in the word can be traced back to 1637. The Dictionary of American Slang reports that gay (adj.) was used by homosexuals, among themselves, in this sense since at least 1920. Gay as a noun meaning a (usually male) homosexual is attested from 1971. Troll the ancient Yuletide carols troll (v) to sing in a full, rolling voice; c. 1575. The word derives for a hunting term meaning to look for game in a wandering fashion. Yuletide is used now as a synonym for the Christmas season in general. In a more narrow sense it can refer to the 12 days of Christmas, usually counted from Christmas on December 25 to the arrival of the Three Kings on January 6 (Epiphany). Before the arrival of Christianity, Germanic pagans, including the ancestors of English Christians, celebrated the Winter Solstice as Yule. The Yule log represented the renewal of the sun. The suffix tide in Yuletide is from O.E. tid,point or portion of time, due time, The tide that ebbs and flows is from the same word. When the word carol entered English about 1300, it referred to a dance. The meaning of carol as Christmas hymn dates from 1502. Could be there was singing along with the dancing and the dancing part dropped out. You can read some curious facts about four traditional carols here. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Vocabulary category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:Farther vs. Further"Latter," not "Ladder"Is "Number" Singular or Plural?

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Film analysis paper,National security movie Research Paper

Film analysis ,National security movie - Research Paper Example He is an LAPD constable who is killed while carrying an investigation. He is really determined to arrest the guilty parties (McClure 1-2). Zahn first encounters Martin Lawrence, a conceited police academy rookie whose determination is to upstage his trainer gets him rebuked. He is somehow both irrational and aggressive. In one scene he explains any and al opposition as resentment against the African American. As the movie, develops, the viewer discovers that Early Montgomery transforms every circumstance into a race concern, at all times with squirm inducing consequences. In reality, the technique needs that these two opposites become partners and the screenwriters arrive here utilizing a remarkably outrageous series involving police hostility. Finally as the movie progresses, Hank bears two days of extreme training an ends up being a party to National Security. But he unwillingly teams with fellow colleague Montgomery. They two though continue to dig into Hank’s colleagueâ₠¬â„¢s murder. The script for this movie was badly edited (O’Sullivan 4). The script has also been overshadowed the film in other numerous other instances of poor editing. It appears to be based just on lots of gun shoot-outs, numerous chase episodes, typecast bad guy engaging the good guy s in fierce gun fights. Unfortunately, they miss a lot. The downward to this movie also are the vulgar jokes and racist allegations against the white man. Earl plays his character precisely like all of his other roles. He is often irritating, bothersome, noisy, juvenile and lusting after every woman he comes across. His role throws childlike tantrums accusing everything on racial prejudice, he gives false accounts of how he was beaten, and he is biased. His lying amounts to his partner being imprisoned for a crime he did commit. His persistent whining about being a victim of white man prejudice gets truly overestimated. The real predicament is that there is nothing like being a victim of whi te man dominance going on in the film. The script as the movie progresses seems determined to reverse prejudice which becomes too lopsided (Leydon 7-8). The colors in the movie are a bit dull, surely on the end of the range and wholly opposite to National Security. Better still, these colors are effectual and manage to establish the mood of the movie. Conversation and music are fundamental to the telling of the story, and both are well represented and well re-produced here. It sounds pretty, though a massive part of it has a rough edge about it. For instance, after Hank’s imprisonment, the offenders not only have they stayed behind in Los Angeles, they continue to commit more crimes with disturbance. The script at first cues at stolen computer chips, but alterations gears to incorporate a more priceless titanium metal alloy that the dangerous offenders melt. At this point, the editing is quite sloppy and careless. The plot suffers from numerous deficiencies, as well. The char acter of Martin Lawrence seems like the most miscalculated endeavor at humor. Every joke buzzing Earl utters involver the extortion of a racial pigeonhole. In the film Earl is incapable of retaining a consistent thought from one episode to another. This therefore makes his character and his humor wildly contradictory. The other problem with the movie is that its shows some standby characters like Feore and